Our company is characterized by many years of experience in the field of kebab production (official name: kebab spit or rotisserie spit).. We see ourselves as a company that uses the most modern production technologies to manufacture kebab products in accordance with EU directives and the HACCP (Hazard Analyzes Critical Controlpoint System).

The production units combined with the experience of the management always guarantees the production of flawless meat products. Satisfied customers and the steadily growing customer base confirm the concept.




With certification according to the IFS Food Standard, we show that we care for food safety and the quality of all our processes and all of our products. By the IFS Food Zertifikat we would like to prove that our internal company processes have been checked in accordance with international standards and that we are able to deliver a safe product that not only meets the specified specifications, but also meets all legal requirements.


We hereby certify that the following products have been made from meat obtained according to
was slaughtered according to Islamic rites.

Your contact for press and quality management:

Mrs. Emel Halitoglu

Telephone: +49 (0) 28 41 – 88 819-88

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